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Often Asked Questions:

Where is the hall located?

It is located at 1415 Engarcia Ave, Torrance, the last building in the same block with the church.

Where is the parish office located?

It's the building next to the church, 1447 Engracia Ave, to your right if you are standing facing the church on Engracia Ave.

What are the office hours?

They are from 9 AM to 2 PM.

Where is the school located?

It is located at 2371 W Carson Street, about half a mile west of the church.

Where is the Religious Education Office?

It is located in the school, in the building right at the corner of Carson and Acacia Ave.

Where do I get information regarding first Holy Communion for children or Confirmation for high school students?

Please contact the Office of Religious Education at

What time is confession?

Regular hours are from 3:30 PM to 4:30 PM Saturdays.

Appointments can be made by texting 424.262.1447.

Where is the restroom?

The restroom is located at the other end of the church, facing the parking lot.

Additional restrooms are in the hall and they are open on Sundays.