Centennial 2024

Dear Parishioners and Friends,

Nativity is celebrating its 100th anniversary! We're calling all parishioners and friends, both old and new, long-time and recent, to prepare for this historic event this year. Our church is undergoing structural renewal. Below are the projects that demonstrate our appreciation for the gift of this church from the faithful members of the past, as well as our obligation to pass on the legacy of this community of faith to future generations.

Your support in any way is truly welcome.

For more information, please contact us at office@nativitytorrance.org or 310.328.2776.

Called to Renew

As of March 2024

Parish Name: Nativity Parish

Parish Goal: $890,000.00

Total Pledged: $1,040,360.00

Total Paid: $521,571.15

Thank you for your generosity.

New donations are welcome anytime.

Centennial Projects

Quiet Kneelers • $40,000 • Summer 2022

Newly painted and repaired Bell Tower • $200,000 • Fall 2023

Church Exterior • $300,000 • Spring 2024

Polished Pews • Fall 2024


The first phase of our 'Exterior Renovations' project is on the Church's Bell Tower, including cleaning, repairing, and refinishing the decorative tile and concrete finials. Repair for the leaking roof in the Choir Loft takes place during this phase. The painting of the entire Bell Tower is the last step.

The second phase of our project will concentrate on window glazing, rain gutters, metal canopies, and doors.

The third and final phase will involve pressure washing and repairing all plaster surfaces, followed by painting the entire exterior of the Church.

We divided the project into three phases to begin before having the entire project budget in our campaign account downtown.

Each phase will start immediately after the preceding phase is completed. I anticipate that work will continue throughout the Fall and into early Winter.

After completing the Church Exterior Renovations, we will focus on the final campaign project: Restroom Additions. By that time, our restroom plans will be completed and approved by the City, allowing us to obtain accurate pricing from the Archdiocese Contractors. Construction can only begin when we have 100% of the funds in our campaign account. Since this project will likely require the remaining funds, construction may not begin until the 5-year commitment window is closed."

100 Years of Catholic Faith!