Welcome Home


So you find yourself lingering near the front steps of a Catholic church, wondering if you should go inside. Everything seems like a distant memory...

Perhaps you have been away for years, or even decades, but now you have your heart turned toward home again. That should tell you that the Holy Spirit is working in your life.

Will I be accepted? Will I be forgiven?

Please do not feel intimidated. Scripture reassures us of God's infinite love; take a look at Luke 15 for some examples. If you come to Him with a truly receptive heart, no absence is too long and no sin is too grave for His forgiveness.

The parish community will receive you joyfully as well.

How do I begin?

You can give our office a call on any day, 310.328.2776, and make an appointment to meet with a priest. He will help you spiritually through the journey.

The Sacrament of Reconciliation

In order to participate fully in the faith again, you must receive the Sacrament of Reconciliation.

If you have not received first Holy Communion or Reconciliation or Confirmation, there are RCIA classes for these sacraments to help you become full member of the Church.

Other suggestions:

Sit in the church on any day outside of scheduled Mass times. Open a missal (found in the back of the pews) and go over the readings for the coming Sunday, or simply clear your mind in the silence.

Look up at the crucifix over the altar and see the outstretched arms of our Savior. His embrace includes you too.

If you come to Mass, you may want to sit in the back if you feel more comfortable that way. During Communion, you can get in line and put your arms up over your chest to receive a blessing.

Pick up a copy of a bulletin by any of the entrances. You can find out what's happening in our community.

The best thing about our faith is that we get to encounter the direct presence of our Lord. It's a gift like nothing else in the universe. You can have that experience in the Blessed Sacrament Chapel anytime during the day. (The entrance faces Cota Ave, which would be on the left side of the church if you're facing the main entrance.) Let the Holy Spirit lead you and comfort you.

Call us or text "Coming Home" at 424.262.1447 and we will get back to you as soon as possible.